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Annarose Ingarra Milch,Motivational Speaker and author

Your age can be your best asset. That's according to Annarose Ingarra Milch, motivational speaker and author of Lunch with Lucille, an inspirational book about how to approach the aging process with a positive attitude. Annarose joins Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen, co-founders of The Wisdom Coalitoin, to talk about how women can shed the dread of aging and embrace it to make the most of all that life has to give.

Annarose outlines her amazing journey of self discovery. At 62-years-old, she is also Ms. Pennsylvania Senior America, and reflects on how her mom, Lucille, influenced her attitudes about aging.


Listen to this lively discussin that reminds us all how much the wisdom of other women is needed to give us support at all ages.