Continually Upgrade Your System

Hopefully by now you are feeling an increased sense of positive energy and empowered to own YOUR joy!


Now that we’ve outlined how to find more joy, we need to remind you that this is an ongoing process. Sometimes it will feel like you’re in a tug of war between joy and frustration, joy and sadness, joy and complacency. Part of that struggle is because something called life gets in the way. You’re all ready to bust out into the world with all the joyful energy you can muster and then you get a flat tire, discouraging news at the doctor’s office, or someone gets laid off from work. Suddenly being joyful isn’t so easy.


We’ve discovered part of our journey includes an attitude we call “unfolding”. It’s human nature to want to steer the ship of our lives. Of course we do. But when those waves come, it’s best to ride them out. We have a saying when faced with obstacles, uncertainty, disappointment and roadblocks. We say, “It’s unfolding perfectly. It’s exactly the way it should be.” Really you say??? How could that be?? But think about all those times in your life you wasted time wringing your hands, worrying, complaining. Did it change the outcome of anything?


Instead, what if you look at those bumps in the road as part of the journey? You didn’t get the job? That’s because a better one is on the way! Your relationship fell apart? That’s because you need time by yourself. You ran out of gas? That’s because you have to learn to plan a little better.


Learning to let go of things that are outside of your control (the traffic, the weather, your children's or mate’s attitude) is a real, life-changing skill. Recognizing that your power lies with how you CHOOSE to respond. 


And when you take on this attitude, this mantra of, “It’s unfolding perfectly. It’s exactly the way it should be,” nothing can really get you down!


  • Take time to reflect on your life.

  • Notice that there were times when things unfolded in a way that you didn't want, expect or appreciate in the moment. Yet in hindsight you can see how it led you to something better than you could have imagined.

  • Write down these things and explain to yourself how they unfolded perfectly.

  • Use disputing and benefit finding to change the way you see these events and to look at them through the lens of positivity.


Thanks so much for letting us guide you to more joy. Keep at it and Enjoy your reboot!!