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What does wellness really mean ~  Erika Zauner, owner of Healthkick
Build your resilience muscle ~ Shanee Moret and Courtney Harring, Medsnake media
Would you like more confidence ~ Heather Monahan, author
The Power Of A Pause ~ Kim and Nancy
“I swear I’m smiling behind my mask!” ~ Megan McDonough, WBI
Even in this job environment, you can do it ~ Jackie Hermes, Accelity
We are all global citizens now ~ Dr. Khine Zaw, owner of Khineder Creations
Are we experiencing trauma ~ Kate Lampe, licensed professional counselor
Helping our teenagers handle this loss ~ with Melissa Pyrch, English Teacher
Surviving COVID-19 to spread love and positivity ~ Sally Lou Loveman, Love Speaks
Can you just listen ~ Kim and Nancy
We can do this ~ Kim and Nancy
Bloom with the power of sisterhood ~ Carol Anderson, Bloom
How can you fix yourself ~ Faust Ruggiero, therapist
Injecting kindness into healthcare ~ Dr. Lorraine Dickey
Flaws are the new black ~ Susan Mccorkindale, author
The journey back home ~ Stephanie Stevens, Bell Gate Farm
How to find your WHY ~ Matt Zinman, author
Can you be more compassionate to yourself ~ Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen
Do you know who you really are ~ Liz Summers, President of Advancing Leadership Consulting
Stuck is not a place ~ Ute Arnold, psychotherapist
Healing from an epidemic of depression ~ Dr. Sirry Alang, Lehigh University
A Complaint Cleanse isn’t so easy ~ Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen
Let’s do a Complaint Cleanse ~ Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen
Every day has never been better ~ Michelle Drager, owner of a sweet golden retriever named Bean
How to step out of your comfort zone ~ Connie Challingsworth, owner Positive Life Decisions
What do you see when you look at me ~ Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen
What can you get from giving ~ Jane Wells Schooley, Founder of Northstar Team Development 
50 Shades of Change ~ Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen
How can we understand each other ~ Mona Del Sole, coach, speaker and educator
Let’s Save Our Girls ~ Tiana Clark, creator and executive producer of Soci Circle
Live a life in full bloom ~ Rebecca Lamperski, author
Do you handle disappointment the best way ~ Dr. Jarrod Spencer, Psychologist
It’s okay not to be okay ~ Jason Harrar, veteran from Tails Of Valor
What is the secret to success ~ Amy Banocy, author
Finding Joy with Grief ~ Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen
How does almost dying change how you live ~ Jill Kelly McComsey, personal injury attorney
Let’s jump off the worry-wheel together ~ Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen
Don’t just survive, thrive ~ Caroline Adams Miller, author
Are you numbing with alcohol? ~ Meg Lewis, Certified Recovery Coach
Astrology 101 ~ Melissa Stratton, Astrologer
How to grow out of childhood pain ~ Lisa Zarcone, author
Live free-worry less ~ Dr. Jarrod Spencer, Founder of The Mind Of The Athlete
How to ditch regret and live your best life ~ Carrie Luxem, CEO Restaurant HR Group
Your best age is now ~ Dr. Robi Ludwig, psychotherapist and author
How to reduce your stress without losing your edge ~ Shonda Moralis, Psychotherapist and author
The issues are in the tissues ~ Marie Ruxton, licensed massage therapist
Do you know the truth about sex trafficking ~ Kim Checkeye, Truth For Women
Why you should stop being so hard on yourself ~ Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen
How can we save our teenagers ~ Sherry Kelly, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Kindness, passion and purpose ~ Khine Zaw, Owner of Khineder Creations
How to tend your own garden ~ Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen
100 Shades of Great ~ Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen, our 100th episode!
The power of healing is at our fingertips ~ Heather Rodale, Healing Through the Arts
What do you need to give up to be happy ~ Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen
How can you really know and understand yourself ~ Greg Schweitzer, Wellness Coach
Do we need a mindfulness revolution ~ Anne Alexander, editor of Mindful
How can women be strong leaders ~ Julie Knight, motivational and educational speaker
What is self-love anyway ~ Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen
The family pain of addiction ~ Donna Jacobsen, Support Group Facilitator
How to make your goals smart ~ Julie Knight, motivational and educational speaker
What makes someone exceptional ~ Monica Davis, Exceptional People Magazine
How to have peace every day ~ Dr. Dravon James, Everyday Peace
The Power of Kindness ~ Dr. Eva Ritvo, author
What do women need from each other ~ Veronica Moore, Alma and Eva
How to find joy in the beauty of everyday ~ Terree Yeagle, Wear the Wonder
Living your passion with kindness ~ Khine Alkhal, Khinedar Creations
Mindset Matters ~ Kim and Nancy
Simplicity in the kitchen and beyond ~ Maria Liberati, Author
How can you emerge to be your best self ~ Qiana Cressman, Emerge Woman Magazine
How can we love more ~ Dr. Lyz DeBoer, Licensed Psychologist
What is your vision ~ Dr. Lyz DeBoer, Licensed Psychologist
Taking it to the extreme ~ Flo Zurkinden, Rising Phoenix Fitness

Is gratitude the key to success ~ May McCarthy, author, entrepreneur and angel investor

How to outsmart your brain ~ Dr. Marcia Reynolds, author and Psychologist
The power of women supporting other women ~ Vicky Alercia-Casella, licensed professional counselor
How to have a Flourishing Life ~ Dr. Deana Murphy, Lead2Flourish Women
Don't Wait for the Just Ripe Banana ~ Rachael Todd, Miss United States
Is Loneliness an Epidemic ~ Sally Lou Loveman, Love Speaks
The Mid-Life Unraveling ~ Sally Lou Loveman, Love Speaks
Organizing Your Time and Life ~ Janet Taylor, Totally Organized
What I know for Sure ~ Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen
Why you need to let others help you ~ Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen
What is a Learning Leader ~ Louis Alloro, Change Agent
Are You Stressed Out ~ Colleen Gavin, Capital Blue Cross
Expectations ~ Kim and Nancy
Well-Worn Path ~ Kim and Nancy
Eat better-poop more ~ Dr. Yami Cazorla-Lancaster, the veggie doctor
What’s so funny about money ~ Mary Evans, owner of Evans Wealth Strategies
Healing after a difficult event ~ Dr. Judy, psychologist
How to reach your ideal weight ~ JJ Flizanes, Holistic Fitness and Lifestyle Coach
Forty Things I wish I Had Told My Kids  ~ John Allcock, author
Being Your Best at Any Age ~ Dr. Al Peters, Center for Anti-Aging
How to Find Joy at Work ~ Marianne Clyde, author
Feel It to Heal It ~ Co-founders Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen
Are You Secretly Happy ~ Pamela Gail Johnson, author
Heal Your Aches and Pains ~ Suparna Damany, Owner of the Damany Center
The Power of SHE ~ Susan McCorkindale, editor of SHE Magazine
Improve Your Self Esteem ~ Co-founders Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen
Combating Eating Disorders ~ Caroline Adams Miller, Coach, Speaker & Author
The importance of Grit ~ Caroline Adams Miller, Coach, Speaker & Author
The Gift of Giving ~ Diane Simovich, Founder, BWNICE
Prioritizing Positivity ~ Phoebe Atkinson, Psychotherapist
Filling Your Own Cup ~ Co-founders Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen
Finding Wealth ~ Bob Sager, author of Living a Wealthy Life
Friendship ~ Judy Gaman, author of Love, Life and Lucille
Keeping Positive ~ Jeff Woytovich Founder of The Children’s Alopecia Project
Vulnerability ~ Kim and Nancy, The Wisdom Coalition Co-founders
Fear Resistance ~ Angela Lussier,Speaker Sisterhood
Functional Exercise ~ Aaron Behrens, GYMGUYZ LV franchise
Communicate Effectively ~ Bob Paff, author and actor
Managing Stress Effectively ~ Megan McDonough, Wholebeing Institute
Our Outlook Is Important ~ Lauren McDonald, Recruiter
The Power Of A Pivot ~ Dr. Nichola Gutgold, Gignere Publishing
Think Yourself Wise ~ Dr. Sherry Kelly, Licensed Clinical Neuropsychologist
Finding Your Authentic Self ~ Liz Russo, Stand up Comic
Vulnerability ~ Karen Finnochio, One Tough Muther
The Power of Positive Thinking ~ Louis Alloro, M.Ed., MAPP
Letting Go ~ Jessica Ramirez, Regression Therapist
Effective Communication ~ Annette Carpien, Relationship Coach
Self Love ~ Live podcast from the Winter Renewal Retreat
Age is an Asset ~ Annarose Ingarra Milch
Change ~ Sally Lou Loveman ~ Lovespeaks
The Life Changing Power of Joy ~ Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen
Sugar Impact ~ Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen
Self Care ~ Pam Bartlett and Carolyn Hoffman from Senior Helpers
Work Life Balance ~ Dawn Rogers ~ SVP, Human Resources at Pfizer
Sleep ~ Ronee Welch ~ Sleeptastic Solutions
Live Life to the Fullest ~ Rev. Anne Huey ~ St. Lukes Hospice
Finding Joy ~ Liz Jordon ~ Clear Path Wellness
Debut Episode ~ Nancy Werteen and Kim Howie: The Wisdom Coalition

During this episode we unveil the intention for The Wisdom Coalition Podcasts and talk about the foundation of The Wisdom Coalition.  We provide an overview of our mission and our wisdom symbol.  We discuss the power of joy and Kim mentions using her “joy muscle”.

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