Our fourth annual Renewal Retreat was held on Sunday, February 9, 2020 at Bell Gate Farm in Coopersburg, PA. 

The theme was self-compassion, how to treat yourself as a dear friend

Highlights from the day included exercises to help us:

* love ourselves like a dear friend

* recognize our pain without judgment

* remember our humanness and connectedness

* let ourselves know we are supported

Each participant left the event with their own personalized self-compassion journal, tools to continue their self-compassion journey, and a beautiful "joy" bracelet donated by Kospia Farms.

Here's what participants had to say about the event:

Wonderful job today ladies! I'm so glad I was able to experience it. Self compassion is definitely a topic that needs to be discussed more! So great to see women opening up about the tough stuff and relating to one another.

Thank you Nancy and Kim. I attended for self-care and left with self-compassion! Look forward to the practice!

I look forward to putting my self-compassion plan into action!

This event was such a wonderful experience!

Keep up the amazing work! So proud of you both- offering this to our community.

Photos Taken at the Event
Cheryl journal RR2020.jpg
craft photo RR2020.jpg
journaling RR2020.jpg
participants working RR2020.jpg
group photo RR2020.jpg
bracelet photo RR2020.jpg
joy bracelet photo RR2020.jpg
Nancy and Kim with Cathy and book RR2020
Nancy and Kim RR2020.jpg
photo RR2020.jpg
bracelet photo 2 RR2020.jpg
Nancy and Kim with participants RR2020.j