Put Giving in Your Toolbar

We’ve been asking you to look inside yourself, understand what brings you joy and then go out and find it. That’s part of the equation. Sustaining that joyful energy is the second part. Finding, feeling and fueling your own joy is a lifelong journey that you will need to cultivate, as you do for any of the other relationships in your life that you value. One of the best ways to continue to fuel your joy is to share it with others. And sharing and spreading joy will only bring YOU more joy.


Think of the feeling you get when you give a gift to a friend for her birthday and you watch the smile spread over her face. Broaden that concept out. Have you ever contributed to a charity or donated to a soup kitchen? Did you imagine the joy you’d be giving someone else?


Years ago, a woman who found herself bedridden from a serious illness wondered what she could give the world. She felt worthless and depressed. But suddenly she had an idea. She would find other bedridden people and phone them once a day. She started with her effort and found a growing list of people. Soon she became the center of THEIR world. She mattered more than she expected or even imagined. She discovered she had the capacity to spread joy and soon her joy began to overflow in a cup that had once held only emptiness.

Activity: Do something kind for someone else!



  • Ask at least one person: How can I love you more?

  • Offer assistance to someone you know can use help, but would never ask

  • Send flowers or a card to a friend whom you know is in need of more joy

  • Give a smile to a stranger


Journal about the experience and how it makes you feel.