Install Your Own Joyful Programs

Are you ready for an incredible truth?? It’s not your circumstances, your successes or your challenges that dictate how much joy you will have in your life. The only clarifying factor is YOU. That’s right-YOU and you alone. You decide how you want to position every circumstance brought before you. You can choose joy over and over again despite any calamity going on around you. And this is the magic. This is the simple truth that will change your life.


This concept is the foundation of our Wisdom Symbol:

  • We are responsible for fueling our own core energy

  • Don't give that power to anyone EVER

  • Our core energy is the foundation of our thoughts,
    actions and feelings.

  • It's a perpetual, reciprocal cycle

  • Stay connected to your Wisdom Symbol

The WC Symbol.jpg

Activity: Click here to download a unique worksheet to help you create and connect to your personal WHY.


Now that you have identified your core desired feelings, created your WHY and established a HOW plan, you are well on your way to increased joy!


Keep this worksheet handy and reflect on your progress when you need to reconnect to your WHY.