Our Customizable Workshops and Presentations

The Wisdom Coalition philosophy is based on Positive Psychology research and principles.


Studies show that positivity results in:

·  Increased productivity

·  More joy

·  Better health

·  Improved relationships


Benefits for employers include:

·  Lower healthcare costs

·  Lower turnover rates

·  Improved morale

·  More creative employees


We have helped organizations and their employees reap these benefits in the following ways:

·  We facilitate Mindset Management workshops

·  We present at conferences and/or events

·  We provide individual or group coaching sessions



Our presentations can be tailored to any group and any subject because joy fits into every category. Past themes include:


*The Power Of A Pivot: How changing your mindset can bring you more joy 
  in every aspect of your life

*Managing seasonal stress

*Upgrade your attitude-enhance your productivity!

*Putting yourself back on your own to-do list

*Fear is just a four-letter word

*Bouncing back from mistakes

*Letting go of resentments

*The Wisdom Symbol (which is the cornerstone of the Wisdom Coalition,
  reminding us how to stay true to ourselves despite changes around us)


Past clients include:


PPL Corporation


Lehigh County Bar Association

Moravian Academy

Country Meadows

The Perfect Fit for Working Women

Stephens Funeral Home

Heidi Lennik, The Perfect Fit

Yesterday was amazing!  Our clients, staff and volunteers were all extremely moved by your presentation!  The room was so quiet, and everyone was completely engaged in your presentation.  I am beyond happy that you both agreed to present at our Smart & Sexy day.  I can't imagine a more "perfect fit."  Thank you so much.

Cristina DeVito, PPL Power Network

The Wisdom Coalition is a great inspiration to anyone struggling to find joy in life.  Nancy and Kim have lived it, and they know what it takes to make a choice each and every day to live life to its fullest.  Do we want to look at the glass half full, or half empty?  The idea that even though life may let us down, even though things may not work out exactly how we originally planned, even when people do not treat us fairly or with kindness, we can still hope for better tomorrows, a bright future, and expect good things as we live on purpose – being the example to others that each day is a gift.

Jessica McPherson, Moravian Academy

Dear Kim and Nancy,

Thank you so much for speaking about The Wisdom Coalition to the Moravian Academy Parents' Association!  It was a pleasure to listen to you discuss health and wellness and realistic ways to change your daily routines to be more positive.  I definitely took a lot away from the discussion!

Photos from Presentations and Workshops
Lehigh Valley Bar Association

Power of a Pivot Workshop Series

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Moravian Academy, Bethlehem, PA
PPL Power Network Holiday Celebration

Smart and Sexy LV