Redesign Your Template

You’ve certainly heard the term, “Fake it until you make it”. We are asking you to intentionally act more joyful during all aspects of your day. You know those chores you repeat day after day that can seem so frustrating and monotonous? We take care of household chores and think, “Not this again”. We run the vacuum or mow the lawn while lamenting, “I can’t believe I have to lug this thing out and drag it around again.” Imagine how differently you would feel doing these chores if you changed the way you looked at them?


How many times have you heard someone who lost a loved one say, “If only I could get to pick up their socks again” or have you heard an elderly person say, “I miss the pitter patter of little feet”.


Reframe your thinking. Make a list of the chores that challenge your attitude the most. Recognize how you are thinking about them and then CHANGE your thinking.


Instead of, “Now I have to make that stinking dinner again”, try “What a blessing it is that I get to make a nourishing meal for myself and my family.”


Notice “I have to” changes to “I get to”. Approaching your thinking with the blessings first:

“I get to move my body and stretch while cleaning the house”

“I get to drive my child to soccer which gives us some time alone to talk in the car”

“I get to clip coupons to save my family some money at the grocery store.”


  • Identify the laments you tend to repeat.

  • Write them down.

  • Change them.

  • Rehearse them, and repeat them to yourself.

  • Even if you don’t mean them at first, eventually you’ll find yourself feeling those good feelings. You’ll start to enjoy these mundane tasks and see the good things you can take away from them.