Let the Joy Begin

If you’re receiving this newsletter, it’s because you are someone special! You decided to join us, or a friend of yours asked us to invite you to be part of our movement because she thinks you’re the kind of person who is interesting, loyal to her friends and always open to finding joy in life. We’re so glad you’re here. Welcome to The Wisdom Coalition. When was the last time you stopped everything and took a good look inside yourself? Are you happy? Do you feel joyful? Are you at a place in your life that is where YOU want to be? Sometimes we get so busy going from one day to the next that we allow life to just happen instead of making it happen the way we want it to. At The Wisdom Coalition, we say enough. The time has come to embrace the power of joy and connect to our passion. Let’s get together and take a collective deep breath. Let’s talk and share the wisdom we’ve each learned with one another. Let’s build a coalition of support to put in our hip pockets to pull out whenever we need it. Women helping women. It’s a simple concept but the power of this idea is limitless. And even The Wisdom Coalition itself has come to life because there have been fascinating women who have said, “I believe in you. Let me tell you what I’ve learned.” So, join us. Let’s all take a look at the future and go full force into the best life that we can create for ourselves.

We’ll be in touch soon!

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