Joyful Balance

One of the amazing things about building The Wisdom Coalition is watching our beliefs and foundation be put to the test in our own lives. Recently, Kim and I had a bit of an obstacle unexpectedly thrown at us. Okay, it was a HUGE obstacle-the kind of thing that had me toying with completely falling apart. We learned that the renovations on the venue we had secured for our Kick-off Celebration would not be completed in time for our event. At first, we were both stunned, next disappointed but within five minutes, Kim was saying something like, “It’s okay. It’s all going to work out the way it’s supposed to.” Now I have to admit, at that moment, her immediate sunny attitude seemed impossible to me. The first words that came to my mind –well I can’t repeat those words but they were attached to some words I can share like, “catastrophe” and “crisis” but Kim was using words like “opportunity” and “fresh start”. So I figured I’d show her there was NOTHING to be positive about. I began my argument, making a solid case for hysteria and panic. She persisted, repeating her mantra, “It’s fine. It’s all going to work out”. Hours went by and then days and darn it....if she wasn’t right. It did all work out-despite my drive to hold fast to the worst case scenario. And I’ve learned a few things. Kim and I are different. I’m always the more practical one, the one who looks at what could go wrong. I’m the one who reigns in her enthusiasm with a doubt here and a doubt there. But she’s the one who tilts the scales back to the middle with her unwaivering way of looking at everything with a focus on what is positive about it. We’re different but that’s good. We balance each other. We give each other wisdom and guidance and together we are so much stronger than we would be alone. It’s this foundation that we are building on as we all come together to celebrate what makes us different and to share our strengths to plug up each other’s weaknesses. And I’ll say one more thing. There REALLY is power in joy. I never realized it before. But now I see that no matter what happens, if I chose joy, everything is so much better. It seems to me that finding and harnessing joy to use in your life is just like working out any other muscle in your body. You have to keep at it. You have to practice it and be committed to it. Looking forward to you joining our journey. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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