Our Kick Off Celebration:


~ Dear Nancy, Kim, Heather, Board of Advisors....... Bless your hearts! Tonight's event was truly filled with joy, connection, & love. Thank you so very much. 


~ So delighted to have a forum to connect with others that was unrelated to work, yet enables me to still make connections.


~ Thank you so much for the gentle advance reminders, very explicit parking and arrival directions, bright Yellow balloons to ID the entrance, hallway way-finding signs, friendly faces, delicious food and terrific door prizes! As you can tell from the photo, it looks like we were ALL having fun! Congratulations on a successful launch! (Jill Kearney)


~ It was a wonderful event and successful launch. I also ran into some old friends and colleagues. I am looking forward to the up coming events and what we will learn and how we can help to foster and support each other. (Terry Weber)

Our first forum:

~ The gathering last week was very nice.  I think sitting around the table made it informal and allowed us to be open to a more informal communication.  Heather and Liz were extremely interesting and helpful.  Great job.  All your work is appreciated.  Many thanks.  (Carolyn Reese)

~ Over this past year with my mom being sick and working taking care of kids and managing my home life things get a little crazy at times. I realized that I cannot be all things to everyone if I do not take care of myself. I know this as I preach it to my families of my clients. However I am not one to take my own advice. So slowly I have started doing things that I enjoy, from foot soaks to massages. I also love my gardens and find great joy in putting my hands in the dirt to ground me and reconnect with nature. Since I had moved to my new house four years ago I have every spring looked forward to my baby praying mantis’s that arrive and take over my gardens. I watch them grown and find them very fascinating. Watching my children turn into amazing young adults brings me the greatest joy. 


However the one thing that is reoccurring in my daily life is I wake up each day and look at it as a new day and what can I learn and what can I do to help someone. I could be a very angry and depressed person having lived through traumas as a young girl and trying to find my way in the world, but I choose to always see the positive. I always want people to be happy and enjoy this thing called life. I can tell you when Nancy asked my about finding my Joy at your first event, even though I was an emotional mess, it was at that moment that I realized that this group of women are really here to support and empower each other. While my children, my gardens and self-care bring me joy it is being involved in groups that are truly invested in helping others without judgment or negativity. It has inspired me to move forward with my own path to help create a “coalition” of my own to help with in the community. So for that I am forever grateful to both of you, Heather and Liz.

This is finding my JOY! (Carolyn Hoffman)

Our First Annual Camp Connect:

~ A wonderful way to spend a morning.  Many thanks!

~ So well organized and thought out.  Thank you!

~ I loved being with fabulous growth oriented women in a nurturing environment.

~ Great camp!  Loved it!

~ This was excellent.  Thank you!

~ I really enjoyed the energy of the collective group.  Great job!

~ Great speakers!

~ I loved the generous spirit of all involved and participating!  Please continue this mission!

Heidi Lennik, The Perfect Fit

Yesterday was amazing!  Our clients, staff and volunteers were all extremely moved by your presentation!  The room was so quiet, and everyone was completely engaged in your presentation.  I am beyond happy that you both agreed to present at our Smart & Sexy day.  I can't imagine a more "perfect fit."  Thank you so much.

Cristina DeVito, PPL Power Network

The Wisdom Coalition is a great inspiration to anyone struggling to find joy in life.  Nancy and Kim have lived it, and they know what it takes to make a choice each and every day to live life to its fullest.  Do we want to look at the glass half full, or half empty?  The idea that even though life may let us down, even though things may not work out exactly how we originally planned, even when people do not treat us fairly or with kindness, we can still hope for better tomorrows, a bright future, and expect good things as we live on purpose – being the example to others that each day is a gift.

Jessica McPherson, Moravian Academy

Dear Kim and Nancy,

Thank you so much for speaking about The Wisdom Coalition to the Moravian Academy Parents' Association!  It was a pleasure to listen to you discuss health and wellness and realistic ways to change your daily routines to be more positive.  I definitely took a lot away from the discussion!