The Power of Why

Your "why" (Y) is the driving force behind your thoughts and actions.  It is your central guidance and ultimate purpose.  At the Wisdom Coalition, we believe your Y should be at the heart of everything you do. 

Connect to Your Why (Y)

Knowing and staying connected to your Y plays an essential role in living a joy-filled life.  Your Y sets the foundation for all of your whats, whens, wheres, whos, and hows.  Think about the power of Y.  If you are clear on your Y, you WILL find a way.  And if you are passionate about your Y, you WILL find a how.  And if your Y is clear AND you are also passionate about your Y, you will achieve any what, trust in when, meet all the right whos, end up in the right wheres, and overcome any challenging hows!  The key is digging deep and building awareness to discover your personal Y. Your Y is unique and meaningful to YOU.  Staying connected to your Y will enable you to thrive and find joy in all aspects of life.

The Y Behind The Wisdom Coalition

Our ultimate intention is to collectively elevate the human spirit by using the power of joy to fuel our core energy.  The Y behind creating this collaborative community is to help one another increase vitality and take control of our personal power.  Doing so will enable us to own our energy and use it for the greater good of ourselves and others; thereby removing the joy vacuum created by our stinking thinking, self doubt, and limiting beliefs.