The spirals represent:

expansion, connection and balance







Core Energy

(Inner Light)


The Wisdom Symbol exemplifies the mind, body, spirit connection to our inner light. It is a visual representation of the relationship between our thoughts, our actions and our emotions, and their effect on our core energy.


This symbol is comprised of 3 Y's coming together to create one larger Y (our ultimate purpose.) Each Y represents a different dimension; thoughts, actions and emotions.  The sunflower in the center represents our core energy (our heart, our inner light, and our truth.) The bottom Y represents the body; with our actions rooted, grounded and balanced by our core energy. The upper Y's represent the mind and spirit, like open arms reaching towards the sky, welcoming a life filled with joy. The spirals at the ends of each Y represent expansion, connection, and balance.

Each Y is growing out of the heart-center, representing the fact that our core energy (inner light, passion, purpose, truth or whatever word resonates with you) is the foundation of our Y. And therefore, when we are connected to our Y, our core energy drives our thoughts, actions, and feelings enabling us to live a joy-filled, purpose-driven life.


This symbol serves as a reminder to live your life from the inside out (with your passion driving your thoughts, actions and feelings) rather than from the outside in (allowing the outside world to influence your thoughts, actions and feelings).  


Our thoughts, actions and feelings are all interrelated such that each influences the other. Remember that we control our thoughts and actions, and therefore our feelings!  When we increase the quality of our thoughts, we instantly elevate our feelings and are open to experience more joy and unlimited bliss.  


By sharing our wisdom with others, we stay connected to our passion and purpose, allowing our inner light to shine for all to see, and igniting the light of those around us.  We are essentially spreading the joy of life!


Our ultimate goal at the Wisdom Coalition is to live life with purpose-centered thoughts, actions, and feelings enabling us to uplift others we encounter on our journey.