* Dr. Christine Gorigoitia, of MindfulKids Services, showed us how mindfulness is the key to staying centered and balanced.

* Interactive session to work through the process of feeling and releasing emotions

* Creative activity to help us understand how our emotions work

* Fun session with Stylist Elizabeth Jones to help us learn how to lift our mood with color


And of course we had time for socializing and meeting new friends!  

Our third annual Camp Connect was held on Sunday, November 4, 2018 at Bell Gate Farm in Coopersburg, PA. 

The theme was effectively processing emotions so we can use mindfulness to increase our joy, the quality of our relationships and our reactions to stress. 

Highlights from the day included:

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CC 2018 pic with Mary.jpg
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CC 2018 meditation pic.jpg
CC 2018 pic Dr Lyz and Myra.jpg
CC 2018 pic of making mind jars.jpg
CC 2018 pic Qiana Brittany Veronica Dr L
CC 2018 pic Chantel Kesha and Yessenia.j
CC 2018 pic with Pam.jpg
CC 2018 pic Carmen.jpg
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CC 2018 pic with Joellen and Jackie .jpg
CC 2018 pic with Dr Christy.jpg
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