When you think about it, there’s no one else in the world you will spend more time with in your lifetime than yourself. YOU. You and you alone. And yet, that’s the one person many of us neglect, don’t understand and sometimes even loathe. It’s a turmoil that can be all of our own making that we find ourselves trapped underneath without even fully realizing it. This program is designed to help you dig through what buries you so you can be truly free to love yourself, forgive yourself and feel warm compassion for the person you are and the suffering you feel.


Many times we live our lives searching for meaning and understanding without even realizing that inner peace is within our grasp, in our own hands and bodies. We wait for someone else to tell us we are beautiful, worthy and triumphant. But, what we are saying is that you don’t have to wait any longer. There is someone who can convey all of these accolades onto you and fill you with pride and joy, and that is YOU.


In our research into positive psychology, we have discovered that the key to real, lasting inner peace and joy has to do with self-love, self-forgiveness and self-compassion. We have discovered that without these three elements, we can feel lost, incomplete and on a quest for something that will soothe us that comes from the outside world. Somehow though, we can never be truly filled and satiated by these outside factors. It turns out all you need is right inside of you, you just have to uncover it and revel in it.


Our program will guide you through the process of discovering exactly what these three elements are, how they relate to your life, and how you can use them to create the inner peace you’ve been searching for.

So let’s begin!! All you need to get started is a journal and an open mind!


Your first step is to take the assessment. The results can help you decide where to begin. Or you may be more comfortable beginning in one area over another based on who you are and how you feel, and that’s fine too. This program is your personal journey to inner peace. Go at your own pace. We will guide you.


Click here to download and take the assessment.

And one final note, as we mentioned in the video, you may find that some difficult emotions bubble up when working through this program. We encourage you to use our CALM process if you find yourself hijacked by challenging emotions. The CALM process stands for:

C ~ Cease action. Stop what you are doing.

A ~ Awareness. Build awareness around what you are feeling.

L ~ Label your emotions. When it comes to emotions, you need to name it to tame it. 

M ~ Manage your emotions. Find what works best for you. It may be mindful breathing, taking a walk, meditating, calling a friend or a professional if needed.