Welcome to Reboot You-a program that will allow you to reboot your mindset. Remember when you first got your computer and it was a clean slate? You put in the programs you wanted and everything ran smoothly. But over time, a virus crept in here and there, you forgot about an update or two and suddenly, your computer started to run slowly and without the pep and focus it had before. That’s what this program is all about! It’s about finding a new perspective that will serve you better and help you create the joy you want. Your mindset is within your control. You will learn the tools you need to find, feel and fuel more joy every day. It starts with turning inward, restoring what you’ve been missing and then creating the mindset that will serve you in all aspects of your life.


Go at your own pace but please do the sections in the order they are numbered. Reach out to us at at any time with questions. On our website, you’ll also find all kinds of other resources for areas you may wish to explore. We are here for you and excited for the progress you are going to make!