Well of Wisdom ~ Nuggets of Wisdom


Paula Young/Registered Nurse and Marketing Director for Young Medical Spa:


 “I’ve learned to grieve and breathe.  Feel what I need to feel, take a deep breath and say okay, I’m ready to move on.”

Embracing Age

Annarose Ingarra-Milch/ motivational speak and author of "Lunch with Lucille", a fun read with the message to women that we are our best asset at any age:


"When we change our perspective and adjust our inner conversations to focus on the positive, we change our attitude. And when we change our attitude, we can do anything, including seeing the beauty in our age."


Arielle Bair/MSW, hospice worker, widow 


"I like the quote, 'Happiness is an inside job'. I think no matter what happens to you, you can still choose to be happy or to live your life a certain way no matter what the circumstances are."

Owning Your Health

Anne Baum/VP Lehigh Valley Capital Blue Cross


 "You have to take care of yourself first because if you’re not healthy on all different levels, there’s absolutely nothing you can do to help other people. So health and owning that health is a really important thing."


Jennifer Perreault, Bethlehem counselor specializing in women’s health


"Society has put a lot of pressure on women to be perfect.  There is no way to attain whatever that might look like to you. Consider what is most important in your life and do THAT to the best of your ability. Do not add too much to your plate to add additional stress to your day and remember it is okay to say no when you have reached your max."