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Work Life Balance ~ Dawn Rogers ~ SVP, Human Resources at Pfizer

Imagine working so far from home that you had to keep an apartment in another state just to make your commute easier. It’s the life of Dawn Rodgers, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Pizer Pharmaceuticals. Dawn works in Manhattan but lives in a suburb of Pennsylvania so during the week, she and her husband live in a small apartment in the city. It’s one of the interesting ways Dawn is managing to balance her hectic work schedule with her personal life. She also counsels her employees on setting priorities and boundaries so they can be happier both at work and at home. She says women sometimes second guess their decisions too much. “I’ve never had a man sit in my office and wonder if he should have gone to the school play or the board meeting,” says Dawn. In our podcast, we reflect on these decisions, how to make them and how to creatively balance the facets of career and home in a way that feels good and works effectively.