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Find Joy in Treasuring Yourself!

The Wisdom Coalition is helping people use positivity to improve their mindset so they can find more joy in every aspect of their lives by providing science-based tools and tips during invigorating workshops, speaking engagements, presentations and on-line programs as well as books, a weekly podcast and media contributions.

Begin your joy journey!
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Workshops/Speaking Engagements/Online programs

Providing corporations, non-profit organizations and groups with tools from positive psychology that increase life-changing positivity and joy. Or enjoy a private, self-directed online program that contains videos, meditations and written exercises to provide you with the tools to block negativity from your life and heart

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Our Books

With humorous, engaging and relatable stories, coupled with scientific research, The Wisdom Coalition’s books tackle life’s biggest challenges and show you how to tap into inner peace and pure joy

Begin your joy journey!
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The Wisdom Coalition Well Of Wisdom Podcast

Weekly, lively episodes that feel like a conversation with a good friend that will show you how to change your mindset to find more joy in every aspect of your life.

Begin your joy journey!

Retreats & Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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