Get out of your head and into your body with Brittany Rega, wellness program coordinator of EarthMind Wellness

Many times we live completely in our heads and don’t connect with or recognize what our bodies are trying to tell us. Our guest Brittany Rega, a wellness program coordinator of EarthMind Wellness at Honors Haven located in the catskills in New York State, explains that when we tune in to the energy in our bodies, “Feelings come up to leave.” But if we don’t allow ourselves this exploration, those difficult feelings can remain in our bodies, hearts and minds. Join us for a fascinating discussion about how you can rejuvenate your life today!

Is your mindset working for you or against you? Our podcast will show you how to build a mindset that will propel you and create opportunities to find joy in every aspect of your life. Doesn’t that sound great? A more positive mindset AND more joy? It’s all based in the science of positive psychology, which is the study of human thriving. Come and thrive right along with us!