How much can one person overcome and still be optimistic with Qin Sun Stubis, author

Could you still be positive after being born into extreme poverty? Qin Sun Stubis says she can because she learned at an early age that things won’t make her happy, but people will. She is a longtime newspaper columnist who explores the similarities and differences between East and West cultures. She grew up in the squalor of a Shanghai shanty town during the Great Chinese Famine which occurred between 1958 and 1961. It has been called the world's largest famine and the greatest man made disaster in history. Ching has written a book called Once Our Lives which is the remarkable true story of four generations of Chinese women and how their lives were threatened by powerful and cruel ancient traditions, historic upheavals, and gender oppression. In this episode, Qin reflects on her life and what she’s learned about love, loss and resilience.

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