How to rewire your brain for more joy with Dr. Tami Berry, master mindset and life coach

Did you know your brain has the ability to rewire itself? It’s an amazing ability called neuroplasticity. Our guest, Dr. Tami Berry, a master mindset and life coach, explains it, and how she created a simple, scientifically-proven, step-by-step process to build a life brimming with health, happiness and joyful success. Dr. Berry says we have to live in “co-partnership with our stress response,” instead of fighting against it, so we can learn to quiet our minds and bodies and think with clarity and purpose.

Is your mindset working for you or against you? Our podcast will show you how to build a mindset that will propel you and create opportunities to find joy in every aspect of your life. Doesn’t that sound great? A more positive mindset AND more joy? It’s all based in the science of positive psychology, which is the study of human thriving. Come and thrive right along with us!