Is stress killing you with Dr. Miriam Zylberglait, physician and wellness advocate

Imagine if you thought of your life more like a video game. You would know there’s always a chance to start over! “Life is a sequence of cycles we need to close to get to the next level,” says our guest, Dr. Miriam Zylberglait, a physician and wellness advocate. In this episode, she talks about her upcoming book, The 3G cycle, The Secret Of Achieving Joy, Meaning and Well-being, and gives us some thoughts on the impact of stress on our minds and bodies. She explains not just “how to get to your baseline, but something better.” After years of practicing medicine, Dr. Zylberglait is taking her own experiences with burn-out and her research to create practical tips we can all learn from.

Is your mindset working for you or against you? Our podcast will show you how to build a mindset that will propel you and create opportunities to find joy in every aspect of your life. Doesn’t that sound great? A more positive mindset AND more joy? It’s all based in the science of positive psychology, which is the study of human thriving. Come and thrive right along with us!