Kindness never dies with Vivian Foulke, Executive director of The Narrative Initiative

What can we learn about surviving grief from someone who has had way too much of it? Our guest Vivian Foulke, Executive director of The Narrative Initiative and registered nurse, recently contributed to a book called After, Journeys Through Grief, where she talks about the unfortunate recent passing of her dear friend, Dr. Lorraine Dickey, her business partner in The Narrative Initiative, which is designed to increase kindness in healthcare. (Dr. Lorraine appeared on podcasts 142 and 154) Vivian reflects also on the murder/suicide of her parents and in the book writes, “Some things cannot be fixed, they can only be carried.” Vivian shares what she has learned, what has helped, and what hasn’t. Her kindness and open heart are sure to help you with your grief.

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