The gift of unpleasant feelings with Kim and Nancy

Most of us try to avoid unpleasant feelings and sometimes we try too hard! The ladies of The Wisdom Coalition explore the fascinating research of highly regarded expert psychologist, Dr. Joan Rosenberg, from her book, 90 Seconds To A Life You Love. She says we spend so much time trying to avoid unpleasant feelings that we prolong them and we limit ourselves. She says, “Consistently distracting from or avoiding what is unpleasant and uncomfortable is often the start of a slow trek to increased anxiety, bodily pain, vulnerability and disempowerment.“ She outlines research that shows unpleasant emotions really only last about 90 seconds in the body so if we can lean into them and endure them, our entire life opens up. She says, “Our feelings exist for a reason. When we deny them expression, we deny their purpose.”

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