This magic moment with Kim and Nancy

The Law of Impermanence states that “everything in material or relative existence has a beginning, a middle, and, most definitely, an ending. Life is perpetually in flux and change is an inevitable constant.” This concept is important to understand because embracing the impermanence of all things can help us to be more mindful and savor each and every moment. In this episode we explore this idea and look at how time is a giver and a taker and how we can use that to our advantage to live a more positive life.

Is your mindset working for you or against you? Our podcast will show you how to build a mindset that will propel you and create opportunities to find joy in every aspect of your life. Doesn’t that sound great? A more positive mindset AND more joy? It’s all based in the science of positive psychology, which is the study of human thriving. Come and thrive right along with us!