The Wisdom Coalition Announces the Debut of Its First Book, The Power Of A Pivot

November 29, 2017

Lehigh Valley, PA, (November 29,2017) –Imagine if someone could give you a way to have more joy in your lifeeach and every day despite your age, income and circumstances?Today’s scientific research is saying we can actually choose tolook for and have the joy we want! In their new book, ThePower Of A Pivot: How changing your mindset can bring you more joy inevery aspect of your life, KimHowie and Nancy Werteen, local authors and co- founders of The WisdomCoalition, give readers tips and tools for a better understanding ofthe path to true happiness. This lively book is couched in humor andself-reflection and reads like a comfortable conversation with twogood friends.

If you’re not waking up each morningsearching for and finding complete joy, Howie and Werteen say whatyou need is a pivot—a change in direction—because life is aterminal condition and complaints and complacency don’t care aboutthe time clock that is ticking for all of us.

The Powerof a Pivot is available now for $17.99.


The Wisdom Coalition’s mission is to helppeople understand that joy is a choice each and every one of us canmake! You can learn more from the experts at The Wisdom Coalition ontheir weekly podcast, their television program on WFMZ-TV and attheir events and presentations in the community.

KimHowie is an author, CertifiedHealth Coach and designer of the Pure EnergyThe Wisdom CoalitionAnnounces the Debut Program which focuses on building awarenessaround the physical and emotional effects of food, as well as themind/body connection. Kim holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology,is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and iscurrently continuing her studies in the field of Positive Psychology.

NancyWerteen is an award-winningbroadcast journalist currently working as an anchor and reporter atWFMZ-TV69 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Nancy also teaches at

thecollege level and is a freelance writer. Nancy holds a Master ofCommunication Arts degree with distinction from the New YorkInstitute of Technology.


"Nancy and Kim combine ancient wisdom,modern science, and their unique and beautiful life experiences toremind us that we are always where we need to be when we arethere—and—a pivot is always possible. A wise, warm and usefulbook for anyone who craves upping their game!"

-Louis J. Alloro, M.Ed., MAPP Change-Agent

“Every stage of life is full of change.To be successful and happy, we also need to change with this flow.Thank you Nancy and Kim for sharing your life lessons and optimism toshow us a path forward with knowledge, confidence and joy!”

-Heather Rodale, Founder, Healing ThroughThe Arts

“As the saying goes, ‘Change yourthoughts, and you’ll change your life.’ In ThePower of a Pivot, Kim Howie andNancy Werteen show how to break the roadblocks and beat back theexcuses preventing each of us from living our most joy filled lives.As Nancy Werteen writes in her beautifully penned introduction, ‘lifeis a terminal condition.’ Nobody here is getting out alive. Sowhile we’re here, we need and deserve to go through our days happy.And if we’re not, we need to stop and pivot, and pick up thisbook.”

-Susan McCorkindale, Author, Confessionsof a Counterfeit Farm Girl, 500Acres and No Place to Hide andMore Confessions of a CounterfeitFarm Girl. Editor, SHE!Magazine.

“Thisis a life-changing book by two incredible women who have tapped intothe secret of better living. This is the perfect book for any womanon life's journey (which means all of us). If you have been searchingfor better ways to handle challenges, and/or you simply want to enjoylife more, this book is for you. If you want to give someone a morejoyful life, this book makes the ideal gift. I highly recommend ThePower of A Pivot!”

-Dr.Nichola Gutgold, author, educator and expert on women in leadership

AndFrom Amazon Customer Reviews:

ThePower Of A Pivotis not only inspiring, engaging, and incredibly funny, it’s alsobacked by solid facts and filled with real tips for making positivechanges in your life. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to addjoy to their life. I’m making it my go-to gift for girlfriends thisyear.”

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