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Second Annual Camp Connect


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Second Annual Camp Connect

September 10, 2017

Our Second Annual Camp Connect was held on Sunday, September 10, 2017 at Bell Gate Farm.  The theme of this year's Camp Connect was authenticity.  It was a unique afternoon designed to help participants connect with their true self and other like-minded women. Our program featured activities to enhance our understanding of who we really are and provided techniques to ensure we are living to our full potential.

Highlights of the afternoon included:​​

  • A group discussion led by a panel of women about authenticity. Participants contemplated and designed their own personal Authenticity Creed.  The intention of the Creed is to help us stay connected with our authentic selves beyond the conclusion of our time together at Camp Connect.
  • We had a break out sessions with:
  • Megan Godorov, who is launching a Speaker Sisterhood Club in the Lehigh Valley this fall.
  • Khine Alkhal of Khineder Creations in Emmaus where she taught us how to make an easy, healthy skin care product.
  • Stephanie Rath, L.Ac., founder of Tree of Life Acupuncture & Wellness  offered a closing gratitude meditation.

Here's what some of our participants had to say about the event:

  • Awesome day - rockstar presenters and a fantastic group. Thanks so much, Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen for creating such a beautiful and powerful forum for women.
  • Beautiful, the entire day was a great vibe with fabulous, wonderful women. Congratulations to Nancy and Kim on putting together a powerfully positive event.
  • Thanks to Nancy, Kim, presenters and all for a nourishing day in a lovely location. Looking forward to staying connected!
  • What a wonderful event it was!  Thank you for all you're doing!
  • It was an amazing afternoon!

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Debbie Sherman wore her Wisdom Symbol pendant in Paris!

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