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The Healing Power of Joy


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The Healing Power of Joy

June 2, 2016

Our first forum was a wonderful event! The Saucon Valley Country Club provided the perfect venue for our intimate discussion.

Here's what some of our guests had to say about the event:

~ The gathering last week was very nice.  I think sitting around the table made it informal and allowed us to be open to a more informal communication.  Heather and Liz were extremely interesting and helpful.  Great job.  All your work is appreciated.  Many thanks.  (Carolyn Reese)

~ Over this past year with my mom being sick and working taking care of kids and managing my home life things get a little crazy at times. I realized that I cannot be all things to everyone if I do not take care of myself. I know this as I preach it to my families of my clients. However I am not one to take my own advice. So slowly I have started doing things that I enjoy, from foot soaks to massages. I also love my gardens and find great joy in putting my hands in the dirt to ground me and reconnect with nature. Since I had moved to my new house four years ago I have every spring looked forward to my baby praying mantis’s that arrive and take over my gardens. I watch them grown and find them very fascinating. Watching my children turn into amazing young adults brings me the greatest joy.

However the one thing that is reoccurring in my daily life is I wake up each day and look at it as a new day and what can I learn and what can I do to help someone. I could be a very angry and depressed person having lived through traumas as a young girl and trying to find my way in the world, but I choose to always see the positive. I always want people to be happy and enjoy this thing called life. I can tell you when Nancy asked my about finding my Joy at your first event, even though I was an emotional mess, it was at that moment that I realized that this group of women are really here to support and empower each other. While my children, my gardens and self-care bring me joy it is being involved in groups that are truly invested in helping others without judgment or negativity. It has inspired me to move forward with my own path to help create a “coalition” of my own to help with in the community. So for that I am forever grateful to both of you, Heather and Liz.

This is finding my JOY! (Carolyn Hoffman)​

Co-founders, Nancy Werteen and Kim Howie kicked off the event with the story of how The Wisdom Coalition began.  And Kim talked about her joy journey.  Followed by words of wisdom from Heather Rodale, VP of community outreach for Rodale Inc., founder of Healing Through The Arts and cancer survivor, and with Liz Jordon, one of the founders of Clear Path Wellness of Emmaus. Liz and her two sisters are survivors of childhood sexual abuse and use their experiences and skills to help others heal and find joy.

Heather and Liz spoke about how they have discovered the amazing power joy has given to their lives.  And then opened the floor for questions.  The discussion that ensued was representative of our collaborative community.

Participants enjoyed the interactive activities:

We literally released the things in life that steal our joy

We all created our own personal joy map

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Debbie Sherman wore her Wisdom Symbol pendant in Paris!

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